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The mirror globe is usually set to rotate, creating a profusion of moving spots Fig. In this article, we present a geometrical description of the movement of these spots and…. Flohrer, T. DISCOS not only plays an essential role in the collision avoidance and re-entry prediction services provided by ESA's Space Debris Office, it is also providing input to numerous and very differently scoped engineering activities, within ESA and throughout industry.

We introduce the central functionalities of DISCOS , present the available reporting capabilities, and describe selected data modelling features. Finally, we revisit the developments of the recent years and take a sneak preview of the on-going replacement of DISCOS web front-end. MÉTODOS: Foi realizado um estudo retrospectivo comparativo entre dois grupos de pacientes operados pela técnica de discectomia e artrodese cervical via anterior.

Houve MÉTODOS: fue realizado un estudio retrospectivo comparativo de dos grupos de pacientes tratados con la técnica de discectomía y artrodesis cervical vía anterior. Se seleccionaron al azar 70 pacientes, 35 operados. TBT recommends : Courtney Pine. Hansa disco night. Inglise jazzsaksofonisti Courtney Pine heliplaadi "Resistance" esitluskontserdist Rock Cafés Tallinnas.

Inglise laulja Chris Norman läti ansamblitega üritusel "Hansa disco night Nr. Kipsala Hallis Riias. A dist Book review. Full Text Available Objetivo: Se realizó el control de calidad de los discos utilizados en la evaluación de la sensibilidad de microorganismos patógenos frente a los antibióticos. Materiales y métodos: Se evaluó la calidad de 36 lotes de discos de sensibilidad antibiótica de cinco marcas de diverso origen de fabricación, comercializadas en el mercado peruano, empleando la norma M2A5, Suplemento MS7 del NCCL-S método de Kirby-Bauer.

Los resultados fueron comparados con los valores indicados en la norma, utilizando para ello la prueba de límites de confianza t0, Hérnia de disco cervical gigante: relato de caso. Foi subme Psychometric Properties. Siim Nestor soovitab : Mutant Disco. Mutant Disco klubis Prive 4. Brasiilia jazz-trio Azmuth klubis BonBon 5. Pidustuste sarja Hip Hop Cafe sünnipäeva tähistamisest klubis Hollywood 4. Influencia de la trayectoria del disco en la velocidad de liberación. Biomechanics of discus throw technique. The influence of the discus path on the velocity of release.

Se analizaron 25 lanzamientos pertenecientes a 8 hombres y 5 mujeres, seleccionados por la Real Federación Española de Atletismo, que participaron en 5 competiciones. Para estudiar las asociaciones entre variables se aplicó el coeficiente de correlación de Pearson. AbstractThe objective of this study was to analyze the influence of discus path on its release velocity during the last two phases of throwing event.

It were analyzed 25 throwing belong to 8 men and 5 women selected for Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, in 5. We explored whether disco funerals are a risk situation for. This paper describes the capabilities of DISCO , an extensible approach that supports integrative Web-based information dissemination. DISCO facilitates the automated maintenance of several distinct capabilities using a collection of files 1 that are maintained locally by the developers of participating neuroscience resources and 2 that are "harvested" on a regular basis by a central DISCO server.

This approach allows central NIF capabilities to be updated as each resource's content changes over time. DISCO currently supports the following capabilities: 1 resource descriptions, 2 "LinkOut" to a resource's data items from NCBI Entrez resources such as PubMed, 3 Web-based interoperation with a resource, 4 sharing a resource's lexicon and ontology, 5 sharing a resource's database schema, and 6 participation by the resource in neuroscience-related RSS news dissemination. The developers of a resource are free to choose which DISCO capabilities their resource will participate in. Oxidative stability of structured lipids containing C 18 :0, C 18 :1, C 18 :2, C 18 :3 or CLA in sn 2-position - as bulk lipids and in milk drinks.

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In this study, we compared the oxidative stability of a specific structured lipid SL containing conjugated linoleic acid CLA in the sn2-position with SL containing other C 18 fatty acids of different degree of unsaturation stearic, oleic, linoleic or linolenic acid. SL was produced During storage, samples were taken for chemical and physical analyses.

Moreover, sensory assessments were performed on milk drinks The oxidative stability of our SL was very different when comparing a bulk lipids and milk drink and b the five different batches of each product. SL based on oleic acid was the most unstable as bulk lipid, while SL based on linoleic acid was the most unstable in milk drink. SL based on CLA was the second Pintores españoles y portadas de discos. The album covers are the result of the convergence of several aesthetic sensibilities. In this paper we focus two of them: painting and music.

The are many painter who have combined their talents to the musicians and viceversa. From historical avant-garde to figurative art, from protest song pop. A comparative study of homemade C 18 and commercial C 18 sorbents for preconcentration of lead by minicolumn solid phase extraction. Maltez, H. A comparative study of commercial C 18 chemically immobilized on silica and homemade C 18 , as sorbents for Pb complexed with 0,0-diethyl-dithiophosphate DDTP in a flow injection preconcentration system is reported.

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The homemade C 18 sorbent was obtained by sorption of poly methyloctadecylsiloxane PMODS on the silica support followed by immobilization using thermal treatment. The method follows the concept of green chemistry, since there are no toxic residues after synthesis. The complexed Pb was formed in 1. Chemical and flow variables were optimized for each sorbent. The results demonstrated that the performance of the proposed homemade C 18 sorbent for preconcentration of Pb complexed with DDTP is very similar to commercial C 18 chemically bonded on silica. By processing 25 mL, the enrichment factors were and for commercial C 18 and homemade C 18 , respectively.

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The limit of detection for commercial and homemade C 18 was 0. The relative standard deviation RSD was lower than 1. The method was also applied successfully to the analysis of water samples, and the accuracy was tested by recovery measurements on spiked samples and biological reference material. Observaciones del disco solar y de una protuberancia quiescente en radiación ultravioleta. Para calcular las velocidades del disco solar aplicamos una técnica mixta para modelar la distribución de estructuras en UV en el Sol quieto.

Las velocidades macroscópicas en las protuberancias se calcularon a partir de los corrimientos Doppler en cada línea espectral y luego se tomaron las del disco solar como referencia. También detectamos comportamientos diferentes en las velocidades de las protuberancias en el centro con respecto a los bordes. Siim Nestor soovitab : Stereo ÖÖ.

Despedida de soltera y soltero en Mallorca

Mutant Disco. Beats from the Vault. Üritustest "Mutant Disco " A trust described in section c 18 must meet the following requirements: 1 Local law.

The trust must be a valid, existing trust under local law, and must be evidenced by an executed written A convergent synthesis of the C 18 -C 34 fragment of amphidinolide C and the C 18 -C 29 fragment of amphidinolide F is reported. A convergent synthesis of the C 18 —C 34 fragment of amphidinolide C and the C 18 —C 29 fragment of amphidinolide F is reported.

Cada paciente foi submetido a exame oftalmológico completo, perimetria computadorizada, paquimetria e HRTII. Os pacientes foram classificados em três grupos de acordo com o grau de parentesco: primeiro grau grupo 1, segundo grau grupo 2 e grupo controle sem história familiar de glaucoma grupo 3. Os carotenóides foram identificados através das características espectrais e co-cromatografia com padrões. Além disso, a coluna C 18 monomérica pode ser empregada para separar luteína e zeaxantina. Several studies have demonstrated a high association between dietary intake or plasma levels of carotenoids and the decrease of risk or the protection against some diseases.

Taking this into consideration, as well as the high susceptibility of these compounds to light and heat, leading to the formation of cis isomers with lower biological activity, it is important to develop systems that allow the separation of such compounds in foods.

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This work evaluated the separation of the geometric isomers of lycopene and of the position isomers, lutein and zeaxanthin, by high. Hérnias intradural de discos lombares: relato de dois casos.

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C 18 , C8, and perfluoro reversed phases on diamond for solid-phase extraction. In spite of advances in solid-phase extraction SPE technology there are certain disadvantages to current SPE silica-based, column packings. The pH range over which extraction can occur is limited and each column is generally only used once. New diamond-based reversed SPE phases C 18 , C 8 , and perfluorinated were developed in our laboratories. Studies were done which show that these phases do not have the same limitations as traditional silica-based stationary phases. The synthesis and properties of these diamond-based phases are presented, and the stability, percent recovery, and column capacity are given for the C 18 phase.

Diversidad de sistemas planetarios sin gigantes gaseosos en discos de baja masa. Como indica el título de esta tesis, el objetivo general de nuestro trabajo es poder analizar la diversidad de sistemas planetarios que podrían formarse alrededor de estrellas de tipo solar y sin gigantes gaseosos. Nuestro interés particular es estudiar estos sistemas en discos de baja masa, pues podemos asegurar que en ellos no hay posibilidad de formar planetas gigantes gaseosos. We propose and investigate a gossip based, social principles and behavior inspired decentralized mechanism Go Disco to disseminate information in online social community networks, using exclusively social links and exploiting semantic context to keep the dissemination process selective to relevant nodes.

Simulation based experiments show that despite using only local knowledge and contacts, the system has good global coverage and behavior. Full Text Available Hard-rock catchments are considered to be source of valuable water resources for water supply to inhabitants and ecosystems. The present work aims to develop a groundwater vulnerability approach in the Caldas da Cavaca hydromineral system Aguiar da Beira, Central Portugal in order to improve the hydrogeological conceptual site model.

Different types of information were overlaid, generating several thematic maps to achieve an integrated framework of key sectors in the study site. Thus, a multi-technical approach was used, encompassing field and laboratory techniques, whereby different types of data were collected from fields such as geology, hydrogeology, applied geomorphology and geophysics and hydrogeomechanics, with the fundamental aim of applying the so-called DISCO index method. Geographic Information Systems GIS provided the basis on which to organize and integrate the databases and to produce all the thematic maps.