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Full Text Available Este artículo reseña un siglo de las actividades petroleras en Colombia, sus consecuencias en los territorios indígenas, así como los riesgos ambientales y para la salud, destacando por -otra parte- el papel que han asumido algunas compañías para controlar esos riesgos. Se discute las implicaciones sociales y ambientales, directas e indirectas, de las distintas fases de las actividades petroleras en la parte continental del país, y sus relaciones históricas con los procesos de violencia donde ha habido explotación petrolera desde el siglo XX.

Influence of neighboring plants on shading stress resistance and recovery of eelgrass, Zostera marina L. Full Text Available Stressful environments may enhance the occurrence of facilitative interspecific interactions between plants.

98% la cloroquina difosfato 50-63-5

In several regions, Zostera marina occurs in mixed assemblages. However, the potential effects of plant diversity on stress responses and stability properties of Z. We investigated the resistance and recovery of Z. We shaded Z. We estimated the resistance and recovery of Z.

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Polyculture Z. In contrast, after a 1 mo recovery period, monocultures exhibited higher biomass gain, and a faster recovery than polycultures. Our results suggest that plant species richness enhances the resistance of Z. Our results highlight the need of a much better understanding of the effects of interspecific interactions on ecosystem processes in mixed seagrass meadows, and the preservation of diverse plant assemblages to maintain ecosystem functioning. O sistema considera ainda o fator sustentabilidade, visando manter uma quantidade de nutriente no solo capaz de garantir produtividade mínima em cultivos subseqüentes.

Fertilizer recommendations for agricultural crops in Brazil are based on tables. Diurnal effects of anoxia on the metabolome of the seagrass Zostera marina. Environmental metabolomics has become interesting in marine ecological studies. One example is the revealing of new insights in stress response of Zostera marina. This is essential to understand how, at which level and to what extend aquatic plants adapt, tolerate and react to environmental We exposed Z.

During day time photosynthetic oxygen production prevents severe effects of anoxia on the metabolome complete set of small Desempenho agronômico de maracujazeiros tratados com produtos alternativos e fertilizantes foliares. Full Text Available A resistência induzida é um método alternativo de controle de doenças.

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Objetivou-se avaliar a severidade de doenças, as características físicas e químicas de frutos e a produtividade de plantas tratadas com produtos alternativos e fertilizantes foliares. As severidades foram avaliadas com escala de notas. Os mesmos resultados foram observados para diâmetro transversal e massa de polpa.

Full Text Available As transações entre os agentes do agronegócio têm deixado de ocorrer estritamente via mercado, passando a serem regidas por diferentes tipos de arranjos institucionais, caracterizados por contratos. Para adquirir fertilizantes , esses produtores podem optar pelo uso de recursos próprios, obtidos em financiamento com terceiros, ou podem ainda recorrer aos referidos pacotes que incluem além dos fertilizantes , soja e recursos financeiros, e que os produtores de soja chamam de "troca", adquirindo insumos pagando em soja para entrega futura. Transactions among agribusiness agents are not exclusively carried out on the market, being also governed by alternative types of institutional arrangements, some of which determined upon contractual agreement.

In the fertilizers sector, the companies intensified the offer of input packages to farmers, more specifically to soybean producers, object of this article. In order to acquire the fertilizers, these producers may choose to use their own financial resources, to obtain resources through financing with third parties, or they may recur to the said packages, which include soybean and. Pantai tersebut rencananya akan dibangun pelabuhan marina. Pelabuhan harus dilengkapi dengan beberapa fasilitas untuk mendukung rencana tersebut seperti salah satunya adalah alur pelayaran. Untuk membuat alur pelayaran diperlukan penelitian mengenai pasang surut, topografi dasar laut, serta jenis kapal yang melintas untuk memastikan kapal yang berlayar aman dari kemungkinan kecelakaan.

Penelitian ini menggunakan data hasil pemeruman, data pasang surut yang diperoleh dari pengamatan langsung, serta berbagai jenis kapal yacht. Hasil dari penelitian ini didapatkan bahwa rencana dermaga sebaiknya dibangun 60 meter menjorok ke arah laut dengan panjang dermaga 25 meter. Waktu yang tidak tepat untuk melakukan pelayaran pada saat LLWL dari alur pelayaran yang telah dibuat yaitu antara pukul — WIB pada saat bulan November Februari dan pukul pada saat bulan Juni-Agustus Marina Caffiero Hg.

Roma: Viella Full Text Available In den Akten des päpstlichen Staatsarchivs und der römischen jüdischen Gemeinde finden sich zeitgenössische Zeugnisse für die im päpstlichen Rom vom Jahrhundert nicht seltene Zwangskonvertierung jüdischer Mädchen und Frauen zum Katholizismus. Eines der wertvollsten Dokumente dieser Konversionspraxis liegt nunmehr in einer kommentierten Neuedition vor: das Tagebuch der sich erfolgreich der versuchten Zwangskonvertierung widersetzenden jährigen Anna del Monte.

Jahrhundert abzeichneten. Contemporary reports on the forced conversion of Jewish girls and woman to Catholicism, not a rare occurrence in papal Rome from the 16th to the 19th centuries, can be found in the files of the official papal archive and the Roman Jewish community. One of the most valuable documents of this conversion practice has now been published in a new annotation edition: The diary of year-old Anna del Monte, who was able to successfully resist the attempted forced conversion in In her introduction the editor Marina Caffiero places this extraordinary individual fate within the concurrent and parallel processes of assimilation and emancipation.

Escenarios relacionados con la intrusión marina. La Habana — Cuba Escenarios relacionados con la intrusión marina. La Habana — Cuba. Full Text Available Sea water intrusion is the process by which the sea water in an aquifer displaces the sweet water as consequence of a sensitive reduction of the hydraulic head, either for natural actions or for anthropic activity Sea water intrusion takes place in the coastal aquifers mainly independently to the predominant lithology. In this work the scenario analysis is approached by studying the effects that sea water intrusion in dry years would produce to the supply of underground water to the City of Havana and Havana Province, when there would be high exploitation of the aquifers without maintenance of recharge works such as in South Dike.

There would be a cartography of the scenario in danger to show the presage of the penetration expressed in the longitude of the marine intrusion wedge, taking as contour conditions the variable that may be unfavorable for their temporal variation, such as precipitation and depression. The thickness of the sheet of sweet water is considered constant.

La intrusión marina tiene lugar principalmente en los acuíferos costeros independientemente a la litología predominante. Se cartografía el escenario de peligro que muestra el pronóstico de la penetración expresada en longitud de la cuña de intrusión marina tomando como condiciones de contorno las variables que pueden ser desfavorables por su variación temporal, tales como la precipitación, explotación y abatimiento.

Assessment of Marinas in the Mediterranean and the Position of Turkey. Full Text Available The most important organizations for developing and advertisingthe yacht tourism in a country are the marinas. Yachting tourism, being a part of maritime sector tends to playa part in the tourist activities and provides important resourcesfor the general economy. In this study, the developments in yachting tourism are aplainedby considering the cu"ent status of the marinas in theMedite"anean countries.

Basic characteristics of different marinasof the Medite"anean countries will be discussed and alsostatistical figures will be given. The yachting routes and the potentialof Turkey will be analyzed by emphasizing operational,infrastructural and service characteristics. The factors thatshould be taken into consideration and the methods used formarina marketing will be explained. By considering strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats, a SWOT analysis will bemade for Turkey marinas. Suggestions will be given fur furtherdevelopment of marina management in Turkey.

Eelgrass Zostera marina seeds are being used in a variety of both small- and large-scale restoration activities and have been successfully used to initiate recovery of eelgrass in the Virginia seaside coastal lagoons Marine sediments around urban areas serve as catch basins for anthropogenic particles containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs.

Comprar Chloroquine en farmacias Madrid

Using incubations with gut fluids extracted from a deposit-feeding polychaete Arenicola marina , we determined the digestive bioavailability Recolonization of intertidal Zostera marina L. The recovery of eelgrass Zostera marina from physical disturbances is understudied and no attention has been given to the likely differences in damage recovery rates between the continuous lower intertidal perennial meadows and higher intertidal eelgrass patches.

In the present Ilmunud ka: Severnoje Poberezhje, Eva Kübar. Baltoscandali teatrifestivalil esineva Eesti päritolu Rootsi tantsija ja koreograafi Charlotte Engelkesi klassikalisel muusikal põhinevatest lavastustest "Forellen and Me" ja "Miss Very Wagner" dramaturg, teksti ja etenduse kontseptsiooni autor on Marina Steinmo. Rapid assessment of the bryozoan, Zoobotryon verticillatum Delle Chiaje, in marinas , Canary Islands.

A rapid assessment, using the abundance and distribution range method, was used to evaluate the status of a large branching bryozoan, Zoobotryon verticillatum attached to the immersed part of marina pontoons in the Canary Islands. Colonies were also found attached to the hulls of leisure craft berthed alongside pontoons at three marinas in Lanzarote during While the occurrence of this bryozoan is recent it may be expected to occur elsewhere in Macaronesia most probably spread by leisure craft.

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All rights reserved. Cobetia marina is a model proteobacteria in researches on marine biofouling.

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Its taxonomic nomenclature has been revised many times over the past few decades. To better understand the role of the surface-associated lifestyle of C. The circular chromosome was 4 bp with an average GC content of The C. The comparative genome analysis indicated the significant differences between C. Despite these differences, pan and core genome analysis showed similar gene functions between the two strains.

The phylogenomic study of the family Halomonadaceae is reported here for the first time. We found that the relationships were well resolved among every genera tested, including Chromohalobacter, Halomonas, Cobetia, Kushneria, Zymobacter, and Halotalea. The best nutritional practices aim to increase nutrient use efficiency in order to reduce production costs and environmental impacts.

In order to evaluate. Irrigation water levels and timing of potassium fertilization is extremely important for the use of lowlands for irrigated rice Oryza sativa L. A field experiment was conduced for three consecutive years in Inceptisol to study the effects of water management WM1 - continuous flooding and WM2 - intermittent flooding followed continuous flooding and mode of potassium fertilizer application K1 - at sowing; K2 - fractional application and K3 - fractional application of half levels on grain yield and yield components of irrigated rice.

Water management presented expressive effect on rice performance as compared to potassium fertilization.

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  8. Continuous flooding during whole. Las aplicaciones en segunda abonada del fertilizante generaron un incremento en el numero de panículas.